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There are 4 courses available. We hope you take the chance to enjoy them all.

1 – Health Service Course

Our ladies will gently wash the customer’s body, after moving to the bed, kiss their whole body with her lips, and finish with blowjob.
We offer the best health service reminiscent of sex with a beautiful Japanese woman.

※Please enjoy the following 4 items freely within the time of any of the four courses. Please feel free to mix and match the combinations as you like.

2 – Massage Esthetic Course

Enjoy an erotic massage from a beautiful Japanese woman.
Using our original massage oil, we do a strong esthetic facial massage as well as the whole body.
The whole-body massage includes massaging the testicles, lymphatic massage and so on. After experiencing an orgasm with your whole body, you may also partake in blowjob or blowjob with a condom on, lotion health service.

3 – Dating Course

Enjoy dinner or sightseeing with one of our beautiful ladies. We will provide you with a sense of high status with a beautiful lady that even Japanese are envious of.
After enjoying the date, it is also possible to request sexual services at a hotel.

Hot springs, Odaiba, Tokyo, Arima, Disneyland etc

4 – Travel Course

The Travel Course is a refreshing date such as a trip to so sightseeing or to hot springs. Trips outside Tokyo anywhere in Japan and overseas are also possible.
Although it is a separate fee, if you would like to let us know your choice of destination, hotel, place for your date, JEC staff and your favorite escort lady will make the reservation and escort you on your perfect tourism date.
※For overseas travel, 2 nights 3 days up to 1 month is possible.
※The address of your hotel or home address, documentation, passport and photo is necessary.


It is possible to pay with either cash or a credit card.
Yen, dollars, Euro, VISA or MASTER Card, Bank transfer are all accepted

OverNight(9hour)OverNight(12hour)1 night 2 days(24hour)2 night 3 days3 night 4 days
2days 1night(24hour)
3days 2night
4days 3night
  • ※For customers who use the same lady 3 times or more, are able to reserve the lady OVERNIGHT or for12 hours for 300,000 JPY ($3000).
  • ※Fee to Extend【30min $250 / 60min $500 / 90min $850 / 2hour $1000 / 3hour $1500 / 4hour $2000 / 5hour $2500】
  • favorite hots spring trip, Odaiba trip, cruising or other short trip)
    1 night 2 days (24hour): 500,000 JPY
    2 nights 3 days travel: 1,000,000 JPY
    Over 3 nights travel:1,500,000 JPY
  • ※1 week and 1 month are also possible. Please contact us for details.

Cancellation Policy

You are unable to cancel on the day or change your escort lady.
Please complete the credit settlement before the escort lady arrives, or when your escort lady arrives, please give her the full price of the course reserved when you first meet.
In the case of cancellation on the day, no refund is possible. Please refrain from doing this.
As the ladies are also preparing and looking forward to meeting you, please be sure to give the full amount in cash to her or complete the credit transfer before you meet.
Even in the case of an extension, please make sure to pay the extension fee before the start of the extended time.

In the case of travel plans over 500,000 JPY
Cancellation 1 month prior to departure: 50% cancelation fee
Cancellation 2 weeks prior to departure: 70% cancellation fee
Cancellation 10 days prior to departure: 100% cancellation fee
However, it is possible to change the date and time of travel



【From Ginza】To Tokyo Station 15 minutes / To Roppongi 10 minutes / To Ginza 10 minutes / To Shiodome 10 minutes / To Akasaki 10 minutes / To Odaiba 25 minutes / To Shibuya 25 minutes / To Shinjuku 25 minutes

To anywhere within Tokyo, we will deliver the girls within about 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you make a prior reservation we will be able to advise you about when it will start.
In the case of prior reservations, you will receive a surprise gift form the establishment and the lady you have chosen. It is easy for the lady to prepare and you are able to enjoy the date so it is recommended.

Chuo Minato Chiyoda OdaibaTaito(Ueno, Asakusa)Shinjuku, Shibuya, MeguroTokyo OtherOut of Tokyo
Free2,000 JPY3,000 JPY5,000 JPY~10,000 JPY30,000 JPY~70,000 JPY
Chuo Minato Chiyoda Odaiba
Taito(Ueno, Asakusa)
2,000 JPY
Shinjuku, Shibuya, Meguro
3,000 JPY
Tokyo Other
5,000 JPY~10,000 JPY
Out of Tokyo
30,000 JPY~70,000 JPY

For those customers who use the same escort 3 times or more within Tokyo or anywhere in Japan, then overseas health delivery is possible,
(In the case of an overseas date, early reservation and advance settlement of fees is necessary)

Overseas Temporary Expenses
200,000 JPY~500,000 JPY

Important Points

We prohibit the following

  • Relentless body touching of the ladies
  • Extortion of excessive sexual services
  • Act of having sex, or negotiation of
  • All words and phrases that the ladies find offensive
  • Secret filming or eavesdropping
  • Those who are using dangerous drugs
  • Those with infectious diseases
  • Those in a state of drunkenness

According to Japanese law, sexual acts or the forcing of sexual acts in Japan, movies and photography and recording are forbidden in our establishment due to the law and privacy protection.

Please refrain from offending the ladies

Delivery Health is different from other types of prostitution in that you are able to enjoy the time in a wide variety of ways.

Regarding the protection of your personal information, in the case of a luxury hotel, please be sure to let us know the name you are booking under at the hotel. The ladies may not be able to get inside the doors or elevators.
Customers who are staying at a hotel that needs a card in the elevator must inform us of the name and room number that they made the reservation, or when the lady arrives, please meet the lady outside and escort her to the elevator.
For hotels where a card is necessary, ladies will be met at the hotel front desk. Or they will contact you when they arrive without going to the reception. You may also meet in another place, such as in the bar space or the restaurant of the hotel.
Please include the hotel, room number, or your home address for reservations made using a smartphone or PC in the specified format and check the details in the confirmation mail. Advance reservations can be taken on the day up to six months in advance.
Receipts will be issued if necessary. In the case of prepayment by credit card, we will confirm the escort’s schedule for the girls as soon as possible.

Our establishment is registered based on the "New Customs Optimization Act".
Please feel free to enjoy our services freely with confidence and safety.

We await your reservation.